Expertly guiding 8th-12 graders, transfer and graduate students through the college/grad school admission process.

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The Fit Four

Cognitive College Advising takes a four-pronged approach to the college search and selection process.
We focus on the best fit:

The financial piece is often a decision-making driver for many of our families. College costs at private institutions can now exceed $250,000, and $100,000 at some in-state schools. We provide strategies for lowering the cost of attendance while discovering the best fit.

Each element is key. Let us take your child on a journey of discovery, lower the stress level at home and manage the often overwhelming college search and selection process.


Our mission at Cognitive College Advising is to guide students in finding the right collegiate fit that will help them thrive, think, develop skills and ultimately launch into the global economy. We provide a strategic understanding of the college admissions process in order to maximize students’ opportunities for discovering their best post-secondary fit.


Major Exploration

CCA provides in-depth college major and preliminary career explanation and exploration, guiding students through inventories to help them sort out which majors and ultimately, which careers may be of interest once they graduate.

Students often think, “I don’t know what I like to do…or, I know what I like but I don’t even know what these other majors mean.”  We help by breaking down the process into easily manageable steps.

We build and develop your student’s self-efficacy as he or she moves through the search and selection process, empowered and with a strong foundation for making the best possible college decision.


Interest inventories and Learning AssessmentS

  • We administer in-depth surveys and learning-style assessments to get a feel for what interests your child and sparks his or her curiosity.
  • We say knowledge is power and knowing and owning the best way you learn is a powerful motivator for each student as he or she goes through the college search process.
  • Once this understanding is gained, students can continue to maximize which modalities they need to enhance, support or augment in order to maximize their learning.

Financial Aid Guidance

Let us help you navigate finding the right financial aid for you. ...

Test Prep

Let us help you prepare for the ACT and SAT....

College Planning

We are here to help you plan out how to make a smooth transition into the college of your dreams. ...


“I was so pleased with the guidance and support you gave my son while going through the college application process. He was very comfortable working with you, which is so critical. You took the stress away with all of your knowledge and positive encouragement! Thank you for all of your help. My other son will be working with you very soon! Highland Park High School