Cognitive College Advising is a college admissions consulting firm with a special interest in helping students develop as thinkers during the college search process. Its founder, Sheri Levin, has a Masters of Science in integrated marketing from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and a Certificate in College Counseling from UCLA, earned with distinction. Sheri completed her practicum at the French International School of Chicago, where she worked with college bound students enrolled in rigorous baccalaureate curriculum. She presented workshops on the college personal statement, effective resume writing, and research techniques when assessing post-secondary institutions. Sheri is a graduate of the prestigious IECA Summer Training Institute at Claremont-McKenna College.

With a passion for higher education, Sheri is a lover of learning, reading, discussing and discovering. It is her goal to transmit some of this passion onto her students.

Before founding CCA, Sheri worked in corporate America with many international brands. These included Discover Card, Target, Mattel, Home Depot, Universal Studios, National Geographic Explorer, Sony and the Grammy’s. She understands the inner framework of companies with departments that include marketing, IT, customer service, database management, market-research, finance, product development, portfolio management, legal and operations. She also understands the intersection of outside suppliers and vendors and internal company priorities. She provides her students with a basic understanding of these functions within and outside of companies so they can begin to imagine what they may like to do once they launch their careers.


Our mission at Cognitive College Advising is to guide students in finding the right collegiate fit that will help them thrive, mature, make friends and ultimately launch into the global economy. We provide a strategic understanding of the college admissions process in order to maximize students’ opportunities for discovering their best post-secondary fit.


College Application Advisor


“I was so pleased with the guidance and support you gave my son while going through the college application process. He was very comfortable working with you, which is so critical. You took the stress away with all of your knowledge and positive encouragement! Thank you for all of your help. My other son will be working with you very soon!”  

– Highland Park High School Parent

“You were so helpful with my daughter during this entire college-search process.  Your insight and assistance on all of her essays was seamless and I want to thank you for all of your great work with her! She is so excited to be off to college!”   

– New Trier High School Parent