Cognitive College Advising develops a customized student profile based on transcripts, writing samples, standardized test scores, interest inventories, learning style assessments and communication preferences to help craft a proprietary college list. This college list is curated to help your child thrive and grow with a best-fit admission strategy.

We ultimately teach students how to write a compelling essay and see the uniqueness in themselves, all the while encouraging their vocabulary development and ability to interface with others from a position of confidence.

We manage every step of the process, discovering your child’s unique traits, skills and interests. We manage all the moving parts, including applications, interviewing, offer review and transition to college.


CCA provides in-depth college major and preliminary career explanation and exploration, guiding students through inventories to help them sort out which majors and ultimately which careers may be of interest once they graduate.

Students often think, “I don’t know what I like to do…or, I know what I like but I don’t even know what these other majors mean…” we help by breaking down the process into easily manageable steps.

We build and develop your student’s self-efficacy as they move through the search and selection process, empowered and with a strong foundation for making the best possible college decision.


We administer in-depth surveys and learning style assessments to get a feel for what interests your child and sparks his or her curiosity. We say knowledge is power and knowing and owning the best way you learn is a powerful motivator for each student as he or she goes through the college search process. Once this understanding is gained, students can continue to maximize which modalities they need to enhance, support or augment in order to maximize their learning.


Perhaps your child’s first or second year of college was not the best possible fit. We work with transfer students, helping them with the application process and major exploration to make sure their second college is a better place to learn, grow and finish up their degree.