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How To Shine During A College Interview

July 29, 2016 

Post by Sheri Levin, founder, Cognitive College Advising, LLC, serving the North Shore of Chicago and beyond:

The college interview is here, and at Cognitive College Advising, we believe it’s important to remain relaxed!

During your college interview, you may find yourself being interviewed by an admissions officer, an alumni representative, or a scholarship committee.  It’s important to be prepared, but not sound too “rehearsed.”  

Here are some tips to help you shine during an interview:

1.  Arrive on time.  Don’t arrive too early either – you won’t have anything to do except let your nerves get the best of you. 

2.  Dress appropriately.  Think about what you would wear if you were going out for a nice dinner.  Dresses or suit jackets and ties are not necessary.  Some other no-nos:  extra low-cut shirts or mini skirts/dresses, shorts, gym shoes or t-shirts. 

3.  Be confident, yet humble.  Don’t assume you will be accepted.  It’s important to communicate your sincere desire to learn more about the college or university. 

4.  Own up to any mistakes you have had along the way – such as a bad grade in a class or lower grades as a freshman.  Take responsibility and focus on the lessons you have learned. 

5.  Meet your interviewer alone.  Do not bring along your parents or friends. You can regroup as soon as the interview is over. 

6.  Explain why the college is a good fit for you.  That means do your homework upfront on their majors, study abroad options, interdisciplinary programs and the like.  Ask questions that touch on your research. 

7.  Demonstrate maturity.  If you don’t know the answer to a question, simply pause and explain you need to think about it.  It’s normal to be nervous! 

8.  Be present.  Put your cellphone away and on silent.  You want a distraction-free zone. 

9.  Be prepared to talk about yourself! This is your chance to shine. Focus on your extracurricular activities, volunteer work, athletic involvement or your academic pursuits.  Don’t feel the need to have pat answers in place.  Just take a deep breath and be yourself! 


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