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6 Tips for the College Personal Statement/Essay

Are you ready to start creating a meaningful personal statement that resonates with college admission officers?  Are you hoping to get into the college of your dreams?

Whether you are based in Chicago, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Miami, Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, New York or San Diego, starting on the essay portion of the Common Application can be one of hardest things about the college admission process.  

It needn’t be.  

1. Start keeping a journal of personal reflections during the summer.  Think about what makes you, you.  What makes you special? How do you think, come across to others, interact with the world at large? 

2. University admissions officers want to know their applicants.  So be yourself.  Convey what is unique about you.  What details of your life – stories, relationships, events – have shaped or influenced your goals and attitudes.   

3. Do you have certain career goals that you would like to share? If so, include them.  If not, that’s okay, because many college bound students who want to attend college in the United States do not yet know what they want to study.  That’s the great thing about studying in the United States!  You do not need to know your college major when you apply.   

4. Which skills do you possess? Are you a leader, a good communicator, an analytical person?  If so, show this through your writing! 

5. Remember to show, not tell, when you write.  When American admissions officers review essays, they are looking to be engaged in the story. 

6. Don’t forget to write well and correctly.  It is very important to express yourself clearly and concisely when writing any college essays – personal statements or supplements.  Finally, embrace the editing process.  That is where good writing becomes great writing! 


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